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Community School, 1961

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by Neptune Ravar
(reprinted from Student Prints, Vol. III, No.7, June 1961)

Click to hear 'Senior History' Click here to listen to Senior History, Part 1.

The Community School has seen many Senior Classes come and go. From the view of an outsider it might seem that all graduating classes were identical. They are all having their best year of high school; they are always eager to get out into the world yet reluctant to leave the security of a well loved alma mater. All the graduating classes have their lessons to learn, tests to pass,their school parties to give, their plays to perform . . . and finally comes the day the precious diplomas are handed out.

For most of us it is still hard to believe that we are seniors and actually graduating! Underclassmen look up to the seniors and dream of the day when they themselves will become the top of the school. But when they do reach their goal they too will not believe it, or rather it will not feel the way they thought it would. This is almost a universal rule - what we don't have seems very precious and mysterious. When we attain what we want it is taken for granted.

Click to hear 'Senior History' Click here to listen to Senior History, Part 2.

We started the school year by getting acquainted with each other. The old timers who have been here since their elementary days (Lucy, Arlette, Poupette and Yervant have been [here] since the first grade) welcomed the new students. Committees were formed, new friends were made, and the latest arrivals started getting used to the higher standards and higher requirements of this school.

The Money-Making Committee worked hard and made quite a bit of money which was especially needed for the Senior Trip to the Caspian Sea. The Assembly Committee also did an extremely fine job supplying us with interesting and distinguished speakers. This committee is to be especially congratulated for their ingenuity in presenting the varied programs throughout the year. The Senior Trip Committee was responsible for arranging a trip to Motel Ghoo for the graduates.

Click to hear 'Senior History' Click here to listen to Senior History, Part 3.

The Project Committee planned to have a play as this years project. Under Mr. Wenger's direction, the play 'You Can't Take It With You' was produced. It yeilded 2,500 Tomans for the Senior Treasury. Here I would like to acknowledge our appreciation to Mrs. Batoon as the Senior Class Supervisor. She helped to make our play a real success and kept our spirits high when everything looked black. She was there to provide the advice of experience whenever we needed a guiding hand.

Click to hear 'Senior History' Click here to listen to Senior History, Part 4.

I would like to mention some of our more outstanding students who have contributed to the Senior Class and have made our days more pleasant:
- Bob Flynn: for being our first semester (class) president and for having the most weird imagination possible.
- Larry Claassen: for being our second semester (class) president and for being the 'Genius of the Senior Class'.
- Anne Farnsworth: for giving the finest performance in the play.
- Victor Obadiah and Elias Nasim and being shrewd businessmen and providing us with all the interesting and enjoyable movies this year.
- Lee Bertman and Leigh Worthing: for working against impossible odds to provide us with a yearbook. This was especially important for the seniors because this would be our last year in (high) school.
- Shaul Ezer and Dan White: for being the capable editors for the successful 'Student Prints'.
- Ken Arnold and Sara Harwood: for being the most charming couple and for being the Queen and escort at the prom.

Click to hear 'Senior History' Click here to listen to Senior History, Part 5.

All the seniors who have not been mentioned will not think that they have been forgotten, I hope. Each senior has been an essential part of our constructive and happy final year (at) Community. May each and every one of us attain the goals that we are striving for.

In closing, I would like to thank our Principle, Mr. Irvine, and all the teachers for giving us their time and talents.

. . . 'Teenage Rock' was playing the Top 25 on AFRS 630kc. with Jerry Krepp Fridays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 8:00pm.

. . . Also, 'Teen Beat' was playing hits Sunday afternoons, 4:30pm-5:30pm.

. . . Leigh Worthing pounded his green shoe in assembly.

. . . the sock-hop forgot the refreshments

. . . Santa Claus got loose in the halls.

. . . Mr. Wyman ate in class.

. . . Gregory Bulbulian rolled down the ramp.

. . . the money making parties did not make any money.

. . . Casey's pants fell off Mr. Freund's arms.

. . . Mrs. Young brought a bull-whip to class.

. . . Mr. Wyman was called a He-man because he crushed an oil can for an experiment.

. . . Derek Sherman found some nylons in room H.

. . . the restrictions were put on F students.

. . . Mrs. Young made the gum-chewers write five hundred sentences

. . . seniors had control of certain assemblies.

. . . many ex-community-ites came home for Christmas.

. . . Larry Claassen has to climb a tree after his bike.

. . . Carry-alls did not run - - except to Rick Clement's house.

. . . Libby Sayre was put in the dispose-all.

. . . Bob Flynn was forced to drink poison because Larry Claassen won.

. . . Bill Burgi rode his monocycle to class.

. . . Eva Zahedi did the twist.

. . . ten girls tennis shoes were found on the bottom of the pool.

. . . Jack Boyt was thrown in the school pool.

. . . Suzanne Deloach slept in French class.

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